Saturday and Sunday yoga classes are cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Carter Park Dog Park

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Carter Park dog park partial closure

Currently only about a third of the large area is open due to planned improvements.  The closed area being improved falls mainly on the west side, still allowing public access through the main gate.

Town staff will strip away the grass and top 4-5 inches of soil and replace it new soil and sod, along with irrigation improvements. Staff will also conduct some analysis of current soil conditions. Depending on how quickly the sod develops and takes hold, we may have this improved area reopened mid to late June.

The “small dog” area to the east is open with no improvements planned.

Owners are required to clean up after their dogs. Extra diligence is appreciated due to the reduced space during the improvements.

Keep Breckenridge doody free!

Though this information is focused on trail usage, please use the same consideration in the dog park.

The Carter Park Dog Park offers close to one full acre of fenced space for your dog to run and play in a fun, social environment.  The park features a small dog area for your little buddy. This park is a favorite of locals and visitors alike and is open year-round.Carter Park Dog Park
  • Cost: 100% free -- no fees!
  • Location: 300 S. High Street
    4 blocks east of Main Street, adjacent to Breckenridge Elementary school at the south end of High Street.
  • Hours: 24 hours per day (please note the park is not lighted.)
  • Park within a Park: The Dog Park is a part of Carter Park, which is home to a pavilion, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, public restrooms, and a multi-purpose field.
  • Please be responsible. Kindly review the simple Dog Park rules posted at the park.
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