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Winter Trail Conditions

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Winter Time trail conditions.


Winter is here and there’s nothing to limit you from enjoying all of Breckenridge’s wonderful trails for any activity you chose: x-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking or hiking. Some trails are more heavily-used than others and have better paths through the snow. Winter trail conditions may vary due to many factors: recent storms, temperature, aspect and trail use. Please be prepared for your high altitude activity.

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Trail Ratings:   Green Circle Easy, Blue Square Moderate, Black Diamond Difficult,

(FB)  Fat Biking Recommended, FB, FB, FB, color correlates current trail condition

FB: good, compacted snow/ FB: moderate, mostly compacted snow/ FB: not recommended, soft snow

 Trail Name Condition  Rating  Mileage
 Aspen Alley  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  1.3
 B&B (FB) Packed Powder  Green Circle  1.7
 Barney Flow (FB) Soft Snow  Blue Square  .3
 Barney Ford  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  1.5
 Carter Park (FB) Snow   Black Diamond  .3
 Flumes (FB) Snow   Blue Square  3.5
 Galena Ditch Snow  Blue Square  2.9
 Hermit Placer (FB)  Snow   Green Circle  .5
 High Point Soft Snow  Blue Square  .4
 Illinois Creek (FB) Snow  Blue Square  .8
 Jack's Cruel Joke (FB) Snow   Black Diamond  .3
 Liesel's Luge  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  .4
 Minnie Mine  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  1.2
 Moonstone  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  .4
 Nightmare (FB) Snow  Blue Square  1.6
 Prospect Trail  (FB) Soft Snow  Blue Square  1.7
 River Trail* (FB) Snow  Green Circle  3.1
 Sallie Barber (FB) Packed Powder  Green Circle  2.7
 Side Door Soft Snow  Blue Square .9 
 True Romance Snow  Blue Square 1.2 
 Trail of Tears (FB) Snow  Blue Square  .6
 Turk's Trail  (FB) Packed Powder  Blue Square  2.1
 V3  (FB) Snow  Black Diamond  .9
 Weber Gulch Snow  Blue Square  1
 Wellington   (FB) Snow  Green Circle  1.4
 X10U8  (FB) Snow  Blue Square  .7


 Trail Name

Tentatively Groomed on

Mondays and Thursdays

 Condition  Rating  Mileage
 Dry Gulch Trail  (FB)   3/2 Snow   Black Diamond  1.2
 Gold Run Road (FB) 3/2 Snow    Green Circle  3.1
 Middle Flume (eastern half) (FB) 3/2 Snow   Blue Square  .5
 Recreation Path (FB) 3/9 Snow   Green Circle  9
 Tom's Baby (FB) 3/2 Snow   Black Diamond  .3
 Upper Flume (eastern half) (FB) 3/2 Snow    Blue Square  .4


If you see a trail condition that needs attention, such as a hazardous or fallen tree, please email Tony at with details such as the location, the nature of the issue, and any other pertinent information.

For any questions on any of the information on this page, please call Tony Overlock at (970) 547-3189.

The Town of Breckenridge’s trail system is an important community asset. Please use these trails so that they are sustainable and enjoyable for other users, now and in the future.

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