Cucumber Gulch Overlay Protection District

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Cucumber Gulch Preserve MapThe Cucumber Overly Protection District was established by a Town ordinance in 2000 for the protection of the sensitive natural resources within Cucumber Gulch. The ordinance required the Town to do the following:

  • Establish a Preventive Management Area (PMA) around the important resources of the area, including wetlands, endangered wildlife habitat, and wildlife corridors.
  • Have scientific studies conducted on the identifies resources of concern in the area.
  • Prohibit certain potentially harmful activities within the PMA until the ordinance can be revised based on the studies.
  • Require that development meets certain standards.
  • Provide that Best Management Practices be applied through restrictive covenants to new development within or adjacent to the district.
  • Require new roads have wildlife passageways if constructed within the district but outside the PMA.
  • Provide that a recreation plan for the area be adopted by the Town in conjunction with other agencies, based on the result of scientific studies.
  • Allow for relief from the ordinance under certain circumstances.