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Daily Drop-In Group Fitness Classes

We offer over 50 fantastic classes a week -- all free with your pass or Recreation Center daily admission.

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Multi-Day Trainings and Clinics

These classes are taught by our certified fitness instructor in a small-group setting. They are developed to achieve a progressive end result as well as provide a take home message to improve your overall health and wellness. Please note these sessions are an additional fee outside of any membership or drop-in rate.

Roll-ief (Ages 14 & Up)

It's time to roll away! Improve flexibility, reduce muscular stiffness, speed up recovery, alleviate pain and prevent musculoskeletal injuries using foam rollers. During this workshop we practice rolling over different muscle groups slowly, stopping and holding on sore trigger points until the tension is released. We target muscles that are commonly over active in day to day living and you learn how to use the foam roller to perform simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, October 13 or this workshop will be cancelled.

Register now Online! Day: Saturday 
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm 
Date: October 14
Fees: Member - $17.90, non-member - $20

Men’s Yoga Workshop: Sports Conditioning (Ages 14 & Up)

Maximize your winter activities and enhance your sports performance by reducing injuries and gaining tools to identify and resolve what prevented you from moving functionally this past season. This men's specific Yoga workshop will introduce techniques to improve core stability, flexibility and balance and prepare your body for the specific activities and demands of everyday life and sports.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, October 20 or this workshop will be cancelled.

Register now Online! Day: Sunday 
Time: 1:00-3:00pm 
Date: October 22
Fees: Member - $17.90, non-member - $20

Glow in the Dark Fitness @ Breck Create (Ages 12 & Up)

Glow while you flow! Through gentle, fluid movement, use your body's internal energy to increase blood flow, improve your mood, and invigorate body and mind. Set in a truly unique atmosphere designed to glow in the winter darkness, participants find the perfect way to "glow" in the dark while strengthening their core, improving their posture, and igniting their inner fire. This class meets at Old Masonic Hall, 136 S. Main St.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, November 10 or this class will be canceled.

Register now Online! Day: Tuesday 
Time: 5:30-6:30pm 
Date: November 14-December 12
Fees: $40

All class dates and times are subject to change.