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Daily Drop-In Group Fitness Classes

We offer over 50 fantastic classes a week -- all free with your pass or Recreation Center daily admission.

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Multi-Day Trainings and Clinics

These classes are taught by our certified fitness instructor in a small-group setting. They are developed to achieve a progressive end result as well as provide a take home message to improve your overall health and wellness. Please note these sessions are an additional fee outside of any membership or drop-in rate. All class dates and times are subject to change.

Glow in the Dark Fitness @ Breck Create (Ages 12 & Up)

Glow while you flow! Through gentle, fluid movement, use your body's internal energy to increase blood flow, improve your mood, and invigorate body and mind. Set in a truly unique atmosphere designed to glow in the winter darkness, participants find the perfect way to "glow" in the dark while strengthening their core, improving their posture, and igniting their inner fire. This class meets at Old Masonic Hall, 136 S. Main St.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, January 5 or this class will be canceled.

Register now Online! Day: Tuesday 
Time: 5:30-6:30pm 
Dates: January 9-30
Fees: $40


How to Break a Weight-Loss Plateau (Ages 14 & Up)

Ever feel like your workouts are getting you nowhere? Feeling like you  just want to give up after not seeing results? Whether you are a seasoned  veteran at the gym or you're looking to begin a fitness routine, this session provides everything you need to challenge yourself to work hard, set goals, and achieve them! Join us for a  special session to learn the correct movements and techniques that can  help you break that barrier. Exercise may not be the only thing holding  you back -- what about those days you just can't turn down the extra cookie or  ice cream social? Our registered dietitian, Uriell Carlson shares  nutritional tips and ways to push past that plateau.

A minimum of 6 participants must  be signed up by Wednesday, January 17 or this class will be canceled.   

Register now Online! Day: Wednesday 
Time: 5:30-7:00pm 
Date: January 24
Fees: $15


Explore Your Core @ Breck Create (Ages 14 & Up)

Learn  how to turn on your core and improve your posture and your yoga practice. This  workshop engages and enlightens your awareness of your core. Healthy core  work in yoga is essential, especially for maintaining a healthy spine,  alleviating and preventing low back pain, as well as maintaining a healthy and  functioning sacrum. A strong core reduces postural limitations and enables you  to move deeper into poses from a stable foundation. We address all the  muscles surrounding the spine to keep us upright and balanced. Sometimes a  strong core is the missing link in smooth transitions, balancing poses and  inversions. Building core awareness can free you from the risk of common  injuries and allow you to move confidently in an intelligent and precise manner  on your yoga mat and in life! This class meets at Old Masonic Hall, 136 S. Main St.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, February 9, or this training will be cancelled.

Register now Online! Day: Tuesday 
Time: 5:30-7:30pm 
Dates: January 9-30
Fees: $20


Yoga Tricks @ Breck Create (Ages 14 & Up)

Enhance and improve your ability to perform yoga poses more easily and effortlessly. Through the use of props and postural tricks most correct for your body, you will be able to move more fully into postures you once believed impossible.  This class meets at Old Masonic Hall, 136 S. Main St.

A minimum of 4 participants must be signed up by Friday, March 9 or this class will be canceled..

Register now Online! Day: Tuesday 
Time: 5:30-7:30pm 
Dates: March 13
Fees: $20


Train for the Trail Running Series (Ages 16 & Up)

Get ready to hit the trail! Train for the Trail is a challenging class, focusing on muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance and core work. This class isn't for the faint of heart, but a fun challenge and a great option for any motivated individual, particularly those preparing for the Summit Trail Running Series.

A minimum of 6 participants must be signed up by Monday, April 30 or this training will be canceled.

Register now Online! Days: Monday/Wednesday 
Time: 6:00-7:00am 
Dates: May 7-30
Fee: $50